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Three things make a post!

Apr. 17th, 2019 08:15 pm
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I've seen "Cheese Tea," the salty dairy topping, at more boba tea places, and even shops that specialize in it like Happylemon, and now I've learned what goes in the 'cheese' (it's milk and cream cheese whipped together). At 85°C Bakery, you can get iced coffee with the topping.

If you want to understand where a country is heading pick a 2nd or 3rd tier city and revisit it over many years. - User researcher Jan Chipchase

I got a PyPortal from AdaFruit and have been playing around with it. It's a micro-controller with an attached display. It runs a subset of python and defines a function for grabbing a chunk of data and putting it on the display. Great for dashboards, or Oblique Strategies.

the Nightstand Project

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:45 pm
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Inspired by a post Jesse the K made about "the Nightstand Project"-- a gallery of photos of the nightstands of people with chronic illness-
(see https://jesse-the-k.dreamwidth.org/293658.html), I am sharing pictures of my nightstand and my "day stand" (the small table that sits by my recliner).


Nightstand. Top drawer is open showing medications and a wrist brace. The top of the stand has a blue lamp, a bottle of lotion, a glass of water, a folded handkerchief, and some meds. My iPod sits on the edge; I use this for an alarm clock when needed, and for listening to "rain sounds" on youtube to help me fall asleep.


Day stand. Contains: My phone, a box of tissues, Icy Hot cream, Lidocaine cream, a glass of lemonade, and 3 little microfiber rags that I use to clean my glasses. Also a pencil. Stuff accumluates on this table and I have to clear it off regularly.
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Ingrid Tischer's name was mentioned several times at the recent SDS@OSU conference. Ingrid Tischer is a disabled white woman who works in the philanthropy sector. She blogs the hell out of that experience and much more, with honest surrealism and humor. She spouts “FEDup rants” opposing TED’s goal of making knowledge a commodity.

You can spend hours exploring her site; this essay lent itself to excerption:

My FEDup™ Rant: RespectAbility, Class and Race Privilege, and Leveling the Erring Field

quote and great takedown of Hockenberry )

boost: What's On Your Nightstand?

Apr. 16th, 2019 06:24 pm
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The Nightstand Collective collects described photos from the bedside tables of people who are chronically ill.


I feel seen

I keep expecting to wake up and have the energy to write up what I learned at the SDS con. Maybe tomorrow? Or next week?

I did go swimming for the first time since Doc said "rest my hip." The water was so delicious! I get to trade water for cognition. I'm so grateful I don't have any deadlines right now.

Day 5: Trip Home

Apr. 14th, 2019 06:55 pm
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My last conference event was a free lunch, with fond farewells to new friends.

MyGuy & Bella pick me up at 115. We’re returning on the hypotenuse from the journey down on I90 to I60 to i70, traveling state and US highways. Sometimes known as blue roads because that’s how they’re shown on paper maps.

and so we dawdled northwesterly )

"Shrill" and "Special" - Netflix

Apr. 14th, 2019 02:15 pm
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Netflix has two new shows that are so similar to each other that they seem to be in conversation, or part of a genre that I’m not sure how to name. Shrill and Special are reality-based, short form comedy shows centering on marginalized people. Their particular kind of comedy is one where situations can be awkward and somewhat cringe-y, and people make bad choices, but the characters have heart and are trying. Sometimes situations aren’t resolved to satisfaction; in this way they are unlike old-school sitcoms.

Both shows take place in LA and are about 20-somethings trying to navigate social relationships, jobs, and parents. In Shrill, Annie Easton (Aidy Bryant from SNL) is a fat woman who is struggling with her self-esteem. In Special, Ryan is a gay man with cerebral palsy (and is actually played by a gay man with CP, show creator Ryan O’Connell). Both characters have jobs at blogging websites that seem to be similar to XO Jane-- their assigned stories are confessional, personal posts. Both shows even feature pool parties where their characters struggle with being near-naked in public. Both have terrible bosses, although Ryan’s boss did grow on me a bit by the end of Special’s 8 episodes. Both characters have fat women of color as their best friends, and those characters are more likable and charismatic than anyone else around them. (This is possibly problematic: a fat woman of color as truth-teller or guide.)

Annie’s journey is one where she is learning to stand up to people and value herself. She starts writing blog posts about being fat. She stands up to her mom and her boss. She struggles with trying to break up with her no-account boyfriend, but keeps going back to him. I found the relationship with the boyfriend uncomfortable to watch. She seems to like him but it’s hard to understand why; but then, I’m a lot farther in my self-acceptance journey than Annie is, and I’m also largely not attracted to men.

Ryan is trying to get out in the world and have a life, after being in a co-dependent relationship with his mother. He gets a job and an apartment, and makes a friend at work, Kim. In the sweetest episode of the series, Kim encourages Ryan to hire a sex worker to help him get past his virginity. The sex worker is played by Brian Jordan Alvarez, an actor I know from a youtube series called “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo.” This scene was funny and sweet and normalized the idea of visiting a sex worker. My heart grew three sizes.

Some parts of “Special” were uncomfortable to watch, because they relied on people lying and keeping secrets and having conflict with each other. The series ends with a bit of an emotional cliffhanger between Ryan and his mom. Ryan starts this show with no friends, and just starting a job, and it’s not clear what he’s been doing all day. It seems like if he’s living an insular life, he should at least have online friends. But he isn’t connected to community and it’s not clear if he has any hobbies or interests. There are probably plenty of people living this way, but it’s a bit painful to think about.

It is just so ridiculously refreshing to watch shows about fat people, queer people, disabled people. This particular genre is perhaps not to my taste, but I will keep watching for the representation if nothing else. These people have sex and fight with their parents and, put simply, get to be the main characters.

Content note for Special: the end credits feature bright colors that rapidly change and bothered my light-sensitive eyes.

QotD: Kardashev edition

Apr. 12th, 2019 09:03 am
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Sure, it's got a Dyson swarm in it, but y'all know me, I'll stick a Dyson swarm in anything. -- Multi-Hugo winning writer N.K. Jemisin

More life

Apr. 11th, 2019 04:24 pm
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The lawn:
Belovedest has selected a vendor to address Lake Redacted on the lawn. It's the same vendor that did the basement moat. Today they came out to mark the intended dig line. They'll do the work while belovedest is off at a work thing.

The history as I understand it:
* There was once a line to direct the roof runoff to the street gutter, involving 3" perforated pipe to partly diffuse it into the lawn
* The original sump pump installation was ... flawed
* Belovedest and Evil Ex bought the house
* In getting the sump pump up to code, the work crew hooked it into the roof runoff line
* Evil Ex kicked to the curb
* Moat installed in basement
* More water going through line
* Line clogged
* Water comes out of perforated pipe to form Lake Redacted
* Everyone is peeved

Dentist again today for the crown. Yay. Read more... )

Next visit will be some work on the lower right.

Between the annoyed teeth and the cold or flu that belovedest brought home from work, it's been a miserable week. I picked up a box of instant breakfast powder packets on last week's shopping trip, and they have kept me fed when everything else sounded like it would hurt or be too much for my apathetic and wheezing self.

The cats still hate each other. (This, at least, is expected.)

Quick rec: Unicorn Store

Apr. 9th, 2019 11:15 pm
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Unicorn Store, Netflix. Directed by and starring Brie Larson.

Kit has failed out of art school and is living back home with her parents. She takes a temp job and is trying to adjust to humdrum life, but receives an invitation to the Unicorn Store. There she meets an eccentric man (Samuel L. Jackson) who says that she can get a unicorn if she completes some steps.

This is whimsical, sweet, and endearing. The costumes are wonderful. Recommended, and I will likely watch it again.

Content note: Kit gets sexually harassed at work, in a "that's creepy" kind of way. Her prospective boyfriend is quick to say, wow, that's not OK.

SDS@OSU Trip Log Day 2

Apr. 6th, 2019 08:29 pm
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Up at 5, do our am stuff — lightbox, stretches. La Quinta’s provided breakfast included hard boiled eggs, safe enough for me. They forgot the vinegar, though, so it took 10 minutes to dig the shell off.

Of course we fly via preparations airways, so I had an apple, turkey jerky, and a choc chip hobnob. MyGuy went for gas and trapped a container of wild Chobani for me as well. While he packed the motel’s luggage cart full, Bella and I were delighted to some sidewalk to run back and forth on. Thank heaven for corporate policies that result in a Lowe’s building supply store having sidewalk on the street facing a residential block. May it be the seed of further sidewalk to come.

On the road at 915a.

Almost miss Avery Corporation HQ, funny it didn’t stick out.

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...and I finally attend the first SDS function, which is an informal chat with bonus clementines. I meet several fascinating women who share their research ideas and experience. More anon!

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Apr. 6th, 2019 12:39 pm
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I know, empathy is not enough, and we must trust other's lived experiences over our own presumptions, but I can't help but think some rich white person from Portola is not coming at this from good intent.

Q6: Portala resident, mom of 3, concerned about SB 276, which is about vaccines, talking about negative reaction she had to a Hep B vaccine and how she got exemptions for that for two of her sons due to a negative reaction she had, wonders what they will do about that -- Jane Natoli reporting on cis-whites in SF complaining about things

SDS@OSU Road Log: Day 1

Apr. 5th, 2019 07:35 pm
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I slowly packed all day Thursday with intermittent, frequent breaks on Twitter & DW.

Woke up, did my morning health work, then take Bella for a walk while MyGuy gasses car.

We’re out the driveway 943a on Friday

“mundanity” )

Onward to Columbus tomorrow, where I get to meet [personal profile] forests_of_fire in person!

From what I've been reading lately

Apr. 4th, 2019 11:06 am
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In fact, not only did his pay change, but [Ferguson's] whole job category also changed—even though he was doing exactly the same work, under the same conditions.

Mar Hicks describing the "quotidian" aspects and effects of Jonathan Ferguson's transition while he was a member of the post-war British Civil Service. Hacking the Cis-tem, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 41, Issue 1

And it goes without saying that any sufficiently advanced aesthetic is indistinguishable from cosplay, that if your aesthetic is easily distinguished from cosplay it's insufficiently advanced.

My friend and colleague Mike Hoye in his interview with Uses This

You're not cursed. But you have broken more laws than I can count!

Wish-granting hazards accounted for at least a fifth of the Ministry's [of Alchemy, Enchantments, and Supernatural Entities] yearly case load, and he'd seen more than his share.

I love P. Djeli Clark's supernatural procedurals set in a turn of the 20th Century Cario where djinn and steampunk coexist. That's from The Haunting of Tram Car 015.